April 17, 2012
Guest Editor #2: Odonis Odonis pt. 3 of 3

Squealer Transmission 12 - Guest Series #4: Odonis Odonis by Squealermag on Mixcloud
Our guest editors Odonis Odonis finish up their write-up of their Transmission selections with a third and final instalment of Toronto scene bands, friends’ music and picks from their own record collections.

Currently touring in the UK and Europe in support of their stunning Hollandaze LP, Odonis Odonis will be providing our daily featured artist updates over three parts, starting here, continuing here and ending today. Click on the player above to hear their mixtape and to view the full tracklist.

Hellaluya - James This comes from their upcoming split 12” with Cartoons on Daps Records. To me, this track has the ideal mix of good qualities that Hellaluya can bring to the table. Hip hop samples, heavy alternative-leaning grooves with scratchy, hooky vocals.

April 16, 2012
Guest Editor #2: Odonis Odonis pt. 2 of 3

Our guest editors Odonis Odonis continue their write-up of their Transmission selections with a second instalment of Toronto scene bands, friends’ music and picks from their own record collections.

Currently touring in the UK and Europe in support of their stunning Hollandaze LP, Odonis Odonis will be providing our daily featured artist updates over three parts, starting here and ending tomorrow. Click on the player above to hear their mixtape and to view the full tracklist.

Shaved Women - Circles This song (and band) remind me of why I actually like music. Its been my go to “start shit” track since discovering it. We found their record at APOP in St. Louis and have since dove into the entire Rotted Tooth Recordings catalogue. Cacaw and Bad Drugs are honourable mentions from their roster, a whole crew worth looking into.

Bad Party - Not That Kind of Girl This entire cassette and record are full of kick ass hyper violent industrial punk groves. I booked this band for festival showcase last month off of this track alone and If you ever have a chance to catch them live I suggest doing whatever you can to make it. You will feel uncomfortable and you will like it.

April 13, 2012
Guest Editor #2: Odonis Odonis pt. 1 of 3

Our second ever guest editor Odonis Odonis - FatCat Records' Toronto-based surf-punk trio - curate for us the 12th Transmission mixtape (and fourth guest contribution) AND take over editorial duties for the featured artist entries for the next few days, based on their picks for the Transmission mix.

Formed only last year as a solo project for astonishingly prolific band-leader Dean Tzenos, Odonis Odonis is the product of hundreds of hours spent experimenting with sound and nights spent recording alone on his DIY set-up. Incredibly, the sound of the band - according to Tzenos - is geared to mirror a mixtape of industrial, synth-pop and punk tracks put together for him by his older sisters as a gift. The end result, exemplified on storming debut LP Hollandaze (2011, FatCat Records), is a dark and gritty collage of surf, punk, metallic industrial and goth-synth sounds, and highly recommended listening.

Check back over the coming days for the continuation of Odonis Odonis’ write-up of their Transmission selections, and listen to the mix in full above.

bbigpigg - Foxx the Fox: This is from bbigpigg’s last release, Phantom Photography. It features members from our drummer’s previous project Print. A lot of what I loved about Print comes though in this record but this track really shines a light on an innovated identity.

Mood Rings - Year of Dreams: One of my favourite Mood Rings moments was when they played this track at The Garage last summer in Toronto. We ran into them at SXSW year to seem them play it again. It gets me every time. Its off of their Sweater Weather Forever EP alongside ‘Indian Hills’, another equally great track.

01. Carnivores - Dressed For The Rain
02. Bbigpigg - Foxx The Fox
03. Soupcans - Deadbeat
04. Hellaluya - James
05. Bad Party - Not That Kind Of Girl
06. Sewn Leather - 4000 Calories
07. Beta Frontiers - Hondo
08. Doldrums - I’m Homesick Sitting Up Here In My Satellite
09. Brazilian Money - Give Up That Dog
10. Phil Console - “C” Is For Console
11. Cartoons - Bug Eyed
12. METZ - Wet Blanket
13. Hussy - Sick Rey
14. Thighs - A Fur Piece
15. Shaved Women - Circles
16. Featureless Ghost - Use Your Voice
17. Macaw - Sun In Your Head 2
18. Mood Rings - Year Of Dreams

[guest player cover by Melissa Fisher]

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March 30, 2012
Guest Editor #1: Lushlife pt.3 of 3

The third and final installment of Lushlife’s spot as guest editor sees us out this week as he tells us about the lead track from his upcoming LP Plateau Visionand how Earl Sweatshirt has reinvigorated his interest in hip-hop. Give the whole mixtape a listen through the link above and if you missed it you can check out parts one and two here and here.

Lushlife - Big Sur
Here’s the lead “leak” from the upcoming Lushlife album, ‘Plateau Vision’. The song was produced by my Western Vinyl labelmate, ‘Botany.’ There’s a beautifully palpable air of ’60s psychedelia in the production, and coupled with the romance for some “lost and hidden America” embedded in these rhymes, I feel like ‘Big Sur’ really encapsulates some of the aesthetic underpinnings of the new LP.

Earl Sweathshirt - Datass

For most of the last decade (the noughts, that is), I was fully disinterested in hip-hop. Apart from Aesop Rock, the college/backpacker rap set didn’t appeal to me, and the stuff on the radio became something that I simply couldn’t relate to on a musical level. So, it’s been really nice to hear dudes like Earl Sweatshirt breathe some new vigor into rap music. This joint is brief, low-fi, and to-the-point, but it’s got major vibes. I’ll tell you what. It’s fucked up to feel dissociated from music you care about so much, so huge ups to Earl and co. for making music worth listening to in 2012.

The Lushlife debut LP, Plateau Vision, will be released on Western Vinyl in the near future and you can have a listen to some tracks on his soundcloud here.

March 30, 2012
Guest Editor #1: Lushlife pt. 2 of 3

Part two of Lushlife’s spot as guest editor as he talks us through another couple of selections from his Transmission mixtape. You can read part one here, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the third and final segment.

Wild Nothing - Chinatown

Jesus, this is evocative music. Like just about everyone my age (thirty, if you must know), I’ve been preoccupied with nostalgia. Today, there might be too much music out there that offers surface-level nostalgic-vibes for just about any bygone era. But, the best shit will leave out the obvious touchstones, and go straight for the heart. This jam from Wild Nothing just makes me feel wistful for my youth, without trying to play the new wave game too overtly. In reality, though, I only vaguely remember the synth-pop era. Phantom nostalgia?

Towa Tei - Butterfly (Cornelius Remix)

This Cornelius remix from Towa Tei’s ‘Last Century Modern’ LP is one of the songs from my school days that really opened my eyes to intricate beat and sample chopping. So, take in stride the very basic lyrics, and focus on the bossa nova-inspired acoustic guitar, and stunning overall groove. It’s like the equal and opposite to low-fi.

Lushlife’s debut LP, Plateau Vision, will be released on Western Vinyl in the near future and you can have a listen to some tracks on his soundcloud here.

March 28, 2012
Squealer Transmission 11 - Guest Series #3: Lushlife

The end of this week’s daily updates see our first ever guest editor Lushlife - aka Philadelphia’s Raj Haldar - curate for us the eleventh Transmission mixtape (and third guest contribution) AND take over writing duties for the featured artist entries until Friday, based on his picks for the Transmission mix.

Lushlife, already a huge prospect in the Philadelphia scene, will shortly release his huge debut LP Plateau Vision through Texas’ Western Vinyl label. A buoyant and unfamiliar hip hop characterised by rich production and weighty lyrics, Lushlife’s music seems to attract and repel reference points in equal measure.

Check back over the coming days for the continuation of Raj’s write-up of his Transmission selections, and listen to the mix in full above.

The Lushlife write-up pt 1 of 3:

I actively try to stay away from this trope of “indie hip-hop artist with cloyingly eclectic tastes”. But, sometimes it chases me down. I suppose, to some degree, it’s who I am. Though I grew up with a steady diet of Nas, Black Moon, and A Tribe Called Quest during that hallowed ‘90s golden era, I was raised on just as much early Rough Trade and Matador catalog-type shit. And that’s not to say that I didn’t dig deep into the radio pop of my youth, either; but that’s just outside the scope of this playlist. Here, I’ve simply assembled music that I love. From the avant-garde Japanese pop of Towa Tei (as remixed by Cornelius), to the no-less-heady, but extra-gully sounds of Harlem upstart, ASAP Rocky, also peppered with some of my own work for context; I hope that this Transmission gives some good insight into the music that is important to me, and by inheritance, to my work.

Lushlife - Catch the BreezeFor a time, I was deeply interested in English acts like Slowdive, that were doing an amazing job of wall-of-sound shoegaze that had some kind of twinkling quality. For this piece, from my ‘No More Golden Days’ mixtape (available via bandcamp) I pitched down one of my favorite Slowdive jams, and spit a sixteen over it. Being able to create something with this sort of scope, is part of the amazing post-modern beauty of rap music. Really.

Nightlands - 300 Clouds: I don’t know too much about this dude, Nightlands. He’s from Philly, too. I know he’s in some other bands, and might be signed to Secretly Canadian or something. Anyway, this song is another amazing outcropping of living in a post-Animal Collective world. The atmosphere is amazing, and the melody has been starting to take over my brain as spring arrives here in Philadelphia.

The Lushlife Transmission:

01 – Air France- June Evenings
02 – Lushlife - Meridian Sound (Part Three)
03 – Glass Candy - Rolling Down the Hills
04 – ASAP Rocky - Palace
05 – Botany - Agave
06 – Lushlife - Catch the Breeze
07 – Nightlands - 300 Clouds
08 – Thundercat - For Love I Come
09 – Wild Nothing - Chinatown
10 – ceo - Illuminata (Lushlife remix)
11 – Blonde Redhead - Penny (SALEM remix)
12 – Earl Sweathshirt - Datass
13 – Lushlife - Daylight Into Me (SSG1200 Low Bias remix)
14 – Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move (Hidden Cat remix)
15 – Towa Tei - Butterfly (Cornelius remix)
16 – Lushlife - Big Sur
17 – Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs

[guest player cover by Amanda Cerini]

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March 20, 2012
Squealer Transmission 10 - Guest Series #2: múm

This edition of our Transmission mixtapes - the second of our guest contributor series - comes from one of Iceland’s most famous musical sons: Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, a founding and continuing member of múm, and an author / poet in his own right. Örvar brings us a selection from his personal vaults, local artists and old favourites included, delivered a week later than planned because he was stuck in a snowblizzard in Ísafjörður over the last deadline!

Signing with FatCat Records in 2001, múm’s inclusion in the same canon of Icelandic cultural exports as Bjork and Sigur Rós was quickly cemented with the release of 2002’s genre-defining Finally We Are No-One LP, a stunningly beautiful organic electronica created from acoustic recordings, orchestral instrumentation, subtle programming work and the heart-melting vocal harmonies of twin sisters Gyða and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir. Subsequent full-lengths - via label and member changes - have been superlative releases in their own right, while the band has always centred around Örvar and Gunnar’s songwriting.

Needless to say, we are excited about such a weighty contribution to our mixtape series, and would like to extend our gratitude to Örvar for his involvement and for his excellent picks.

1. Riam Daranoi - Chan Ru Than
2. Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
3. Páll Ivan Pálsson - Nanaone V.2 
4. Sandwidi Pierre - Je Suis un Salaud (Slow)
5. Bag of Joys - Hey
6. Nolo - Beautiful Way
7. múm - Bak þitt er sem rennibraut
8. Apparat Organ Quartet - Söngur Geimunglingsins (Frederik Schikowski Remix)
9. Vitor Hublot - Aller Simple
10. Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - How much are they?
11. Chancha Via Circuito - Zorzal (Instrumental)
12. Prinspóló - Föstudagsmessa
13. Páll Ivan Pálsson - Haeyiou

[guest player cover by Angel Ceballo]

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March 12, 2012
Squealer Transmission 9 - Guest Series #1: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Squealer Transmission 9 - Guest Series #1: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma by Squealermag on Mixcloud

To celebrate the beginning of a new week, a new feature on our little music blog, and the work of a true musical auteur, today’s update is not only the 9th edition of our own Transmission mixtape set, but the first in a brand new series curated by guest contributors.

Cutting the Guest Series ribbon is serial envelope-pusher Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. A newly-repatriated Berlin resident (via San Francisco), Cantu-Ledesma is perhaps best known for his work with seminal post-rock group Tarentel, responsible for almost 30 individual releases since their formation in ‘95. Even beyond this, his solo work - released under his own name - (exemplified by 2010’s jawdropping, beautiful Love Is A Stream LP on Type Records) numbers several further releases, as does his material with The Alps and The Holy See among other bands.

Cantu-Ledesma is also the driving force behind the excellent Root Strata label, which followed him across the Atlantic ocean to Berlin, and continues to espouse drone and noise releases from some Squealer favourites: Grouper, Yellow Swans, Oneohtrix Point Never included.

So, we are thrilled and honoured to present a brand-new, specially-curated mixtape of handpicked material from Jefre’s personal vaults, ranging from the choral looping of Juliana Barwick to the minimalist conceptualism of Luc Ferrari. Listen and be immersed.

Jefre writes: “This mix is a bit of Berlin winter, a bit of weird dreams, random memories and the feeling of displacement.”


1. Luc Ferrari - Cycle des souvenirs 1.
2. Luc Marianni - Souvenirs du futur 2 & 3 (Edit)
3. Alvin Curran - Canti Illuminati 2 (Edit)
4. Bernard Parmegiani - Incidences/Résonances
5. Henry Flynt - Glissando #1 (Edit)
6. Sema - Song Of Praise
7. Jean-Claude Eloy - Finale 1 Vagues lentes, boucles de feux
8. Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori - Rain and Shine at the Lotus Pond (Edit)
9. Robert Turman - Flux 2 (Edit)

[guest player cover by Jefre’s friend Kelly]

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March 1, 2012
Squealer transmission 8

This edition of our non-regular transmission series is made up exclusively of music from the back catalogue of Chicago’s legendary SKiN GRAFT label.

Originally starting as a comic press in ‘86, SKiN GRAFT began its long and arduous journey into becoming a record label with an earnest, gradual development. By the mid-90’s, the label had become a home for some of the USA’s most bizarre, deconstructive punk bands, savant home producers, Jim O’Rourke projects and frantic Japanese noise. Writes one particularly astute reviewer of SKiN GRAFT asset US Maple, “[their music] reaffirms an ideal: that there’s still more to be done with electric guitars.”

With the chance rediscovery of You Fantastic!’s stunning, surreal Homesickness LP (SKiN GRAFT, 1998), we spent the best part of a day going back over old SKiN GRAFT releases (however deep they were buried on our record shelves), scouring their website for downloadable material and emailing founder-owner Mark Fischer for information. The results are this hour-long mix of some of our favourite tracks from the label’s history.

1. US Maple - Letter to ZZ Top

2. Cheer Accident - Insomnia

3. MC Trachiotomy - Valentine

4. You Fantastic! - Friendless

5. Strangulated Beatoffs - Bury Black

6. Lake of Dracula - Coconut Wine

7. Shorty - Tomato Kisser

8. AIDS Wolf - We Multiply

9. XADDAX - Lives on Nerves

10. Made in Mexico - Guerillaton

11. Ruins - Refusal Fossil

12. Chinese Stars - Sick Machine

13. Melt-Banana - Rough Dogs Have Bumps

14. Athletic Automaton - Hands Without Feet 

15. Mount Shasta - Walkathon

16. Yona-Kit - Frankenbitch

17. Satanized - Arnaud de Vernoille

18. Shakuhachi Surprise - Yadoroku

19. Brise-Glace - Neither Yield nor Reap

[guest player cover by Mark Fischer]

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December 7, 2011
Squealer transmission 7 - One hundred posts

In celebration of the 100th post on our still short-lived little music blog, we painstakingly spent several hours in the twilight zone of the early morning crafting an expansive, multi-genre, 100-track playlist to act as both a new Transmission and also a reference to our third figure.

So, listen, enjoy, and thank Slayer; Mouse on Mars; The Feelies; MF Doom; Nine Inch Nails; Health; Unwed Sailor; Foxhole; Here We Go Magic and the 90 other artists represented on our 7-hour extravaganza (not to mention Squealer featured artists past and future) for their contributions to the great wide world.

Squealer transmission 7 - click here to open in Spotify.

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[Guest cover by Rosie Curran]