December 7, 2011
Squealer transmission 7 - One hundred posts

In celebration of the 100th post on our still short-lived little music blog, we painstakingly spent several hours in the twilight zone of the early morning crafting an expansive, multi-genre, 100-track playlist to act as both a new Transmission and also a reference to our third figure.

So, listen, enjoy, and thank Slayer; Mouse on Mars; The Feelies; MF Doom; Nine Inch Nails; Health; Unwed Sailor; Foxhole; Here We Go Magic and the 90 other artists represented on our 7-hour extravaganza (not to mention Squealer featured artists past and future) for their contributions to the great wide world.

Squealer transmission 7 - click here to open in Spotify.

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[Guest cover by Rosie Curran]

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